Workshop for the inspection of refrigerant fluids and equipment containing refrigerant fluids

Skopje, December 19.2019

Workshop for the inspection of refrigerant fluids and equipment containing refrigerant fluids

Rabotilnica_19122019 - web In order to help inspectorate in its enforcement/control of the market in the field of ozone depleting substances, the NOU has organized a workshop for the inspection of refrigerant fluids and equipment containing refrigerant fluids. For that reason, Mrs. Snjezana Ilicic, an international expert and Mrs. Diana Racki, inspector from Republic of Croatia were invited to share their experience from their home country. Among the 26 participants, there were inspectors from the following regions: Southern, Western, Northern and Eastern Macedonia, representatives from NOU and the guests from the Republic of Croatia.

The first presentation was actually a summary of the topic covering introduction to the ozone layer, its protective role and its depleting due to emissions, further the participants were introduced to Montreal protocol and the Kigali Amendment. Concluding this, a short review of the national legislation and the part of the laws and directives that were relevant for the topic of ODS and their elimination, was made.

A representative from the State Environmental Inspector, explained the organisational structure of the State Environmental Inspectorate (SEI) and the main positions, elaborating the education and experience needed for each managing and inspector position. Additionally, the latest projects were presented which resulted in development and implementation of the e-platform that inspectors will use in the future to integrate their work.

Mrs. Snjezana Ilicic, thereafter, has elaborated the implementation of F-gas regulative in Republic of Croatia. The participants were introduced to the European Commission 517/2014 regulation, its content. She has explained how this regulation would eventually result in significant phase down of emissions of pollutants. Furthermore, the obligations of the companies regarding equipment and maintenance, the service technicians obliged by law to get certified and the training system were covered in the presentation. Finally, she shared all the usefull links related to the topic, that participants can use in their daily job.

The final part was reserved for Mrs. Diana Racki, presenting in the name of the state environmental inspectorate in Republic of Croatia. Her first presentation was an in-depth elaboration on the laws and regulations in Republic of Croatia, the parts of Regulation 517/2014. Furthermore, she clarified the procedure of certifying service technicians and the recognition of this certification throughout EU. Mrs.  Diana also explained the F-gases export and import, and the regulations related to the import and export.

In the second presentation, she elaborated the work done by the inspectorate in the process of control of companies and their equipment. Results were presented and best practices that can be useful to the inspectors from R. North Macedonia, as well as transfer of technologies from using R22 to alternative refrigerants.

Throughout the workshop, the discussions were mainly about the certification of service technicians as well as cases of recording and labelling in the countries. Most of the inspectors mutually agreed that the recording and labelling should be included in the changes of the Law on Environmental Protection.

A preview of the presentations is available here