Workshop for service technicians, equipment owners and environmental inspectors – Skopje 05-06 May 2016

Within the implementation of Article 22-b paragraph (12) of the Law on Environment (“Official Gazette” No. 53/05, 81/05, 24/07, 159/08, 83/09, 48/10 , 124/10, 51/11, 123/12, 93/13, 187/13, 42/14, 44/15, 129/15 and 192/15) and Rulebook on the collection, recovery and recycling of substances which deplete the ozone Layer ( “Official Gazette” No. 85/2013) a two-day workshop was held on May 5-6th, 2016  in Skopje.  On May 5th, 2016 the workshop was intended for service technicians while the following day on May 6th, 2016 the workshop was attended by equipment owners and environmental inspectors. The following presentations were held:

→ Ozone layer – depletion/protection and connection to climate change

→National legislation for the management of refrigerant fluids: recording and labeling of equipment containing refrigerant fluids, licensing system for handling refrigerants and/or products containing refrigerant fluids, yearly report on the types and quantities of recovered, reclaimed and recycled refrigerant fluids

→ Obligations of the equipment owner and service technician of the equipment

→ Recording and labeling of equipment containing refrigerant fluids: contents and rules/guidelines for filling-out the log-book and record sheet, contents and application of the record number and record label

→Tools for recording and labeling of equipment

→Tools for inspection of the equipment

→Practical examples of application of the required documents

A discussion was facilitated for the most frequently asked questions and answers were provided.

The workshop was well attended with participation of 54 service technicians and 18 environmental inspectors and owners of equipment.