Workshop for good practices of recording, labeling and inspecting equipment containing refrigerants – Van Hool

Skopje, September 10.2019

On 10.09.2019, the NOU of R. North Macedonia together with the State Environmental Inspectorate has organized a workshop that brought together the owners of equipment containing refrigerants, service technicians and the State Environmental Inspectors. Under the moto “32 years and healing”, this workshop was organized to celebrate World Ozone Day and was hosted by the bus manufacturing plant “Van Hool”. The following topics were presented to the participants:

  • Presentation of the Montreal Protocol, introducing the participants with the ozone layer creation, destruction and the roles of the Montreal Protocol in its protection and recovery
  • Presentation of the Kigali Amendment, introducing the need for this Amendment as an addition to the Montreal Protocol meeting the climate change problems and the actual effect of the HFCs on climate change,
  • The national legislation on refrigerants and equipment containing refrigerants was further elaborated, including all the laws and orders obliging companies to report equipment that contains more than 3 kgs of refrigerants and finally,
  • The role of the State Environmental Inspectoratewas also presented, with a focus on the organisational structure of the Inspectorate, their projects, roles and future plans.
  • The Best Practises when recording and labelling equipment, explaining all the steps in these processes and introduced the drafter version of the control check-list

This summed up the theoretical part, which was followed by the practical part of recording and labelling on-site of the existing equipment that contains more than 3 kg of refrigerant fluids.