Training for environmental inspectors – Bitola

Bitola, Hotel “Shator” November 10.2017

Training for environmental inspectors


As part of the public awareness activities and celebration of 16th September, International Ozone Day, a training on “Controlling the process of recording and labeling of equipment containing refrigerants” was organized in Bitola, Hotel “Shator”.

The training was aimed for environmental inspectors, from Bitola region, under the State Environmental Inspectorate (SEI). The training activities were envisioned in two parts: a theoretical as well as practical part. The theoretical part encompassed presentations on the following topics: protection of the Ozone Layer and the effects on the human population and the environment, along with a segment on Climate Change. A separate presentation was dedicated solely on the legislation surrounding the recording and labeling of the equipment and the country’s obligations towards the Montreal Protocol.

During the practical part, inspectors were presented with the opportunity to become familiar with the equipment (10 refrigerants leak detectors and 6 refrigerant identifiers) which SEI was granted in the frameworks of implementation of the HCFC Management Phase out Plan.

Inspectors also had the opportunity to see on-site the procedure of recording and labeling equipment containing refrigerants and its control.